From Frank Cobb’s first service call in 1948 until today, the Cobbs have always strived to provide the best service to our customers. If you’d like to know some of the details, we’ve listed a few of the events that got us to where we are today.


As Bill Cobb is returning from WWII he writes his father a letter asking him to go to Austin and obtain a plumbing license, in anticipation of starting a family-run business.


Frank and Bill start Frank Cobb Plumbing in Fort Worth, Texas.

Phone # 2-3635

  • Specializing in new custom home construction.
  • Digging all their ditches by hand
  • Cutting and threading all pipes by hand &
  • Using lead & okum to seal cast iron pipe fittings

(talk about doing things the old fashioned way)

 Click to see Frank’s Masters License issued in 1948



Frank purchases 1950 Chevrolet ½ ton pickup truck for $900 for use in their business. (pic)



Due to competitive markets, Frank decides to concentrate business efforts to plumbing repair.


Frank Cobb retires from the plumbing business and turns over company to Bill, who had relocated to Burleson.


Joined by 16 year old son Mike Cobb, Bill starts his own plumbing repair business with a new name and the same 1950 Chevy. (pic)

Bill Cobb Plumbing gets off to a slow start when it misses the chance to advertise in the current phone book. Due to the kindness of a retiring local plumber, Dub Graves (father of Carol Graves) Bill Cobb Plumbing stays afloat with the business referred to them by the Graves family.


 Click to see Bill’s Masters License issued in 1971



Mike Cobb graduates high school, and becomes the youngest licensed Journeyman Plumber in the State of Texas.

With a growing business and the friendly, down-home, family atmosphere, Bill begins to feel as if he has found a home in Burleson, TX.


Bill Cobb incorporates his company. In order to provide an avenue for either or both of his two sons Mike and Mark to one day run the family business, he renames the company “Bill Cobb & Sons Plumbing Inc.”.

Bill and Mike continue working together side by side, providing service to the Burleson area.


Health problems force Bill to retire from the physical aspects of the business, but he continues to run operations from his home office.

 Click to see Mike’s Masters License issued in 1992




Bill Cobb passes away, leaving the company to Mike who has kept the name Bill Cobb and Sons Pluming Inc. and is still the Owner/Operator today.


Mike Cobb’s son Matt joins the Cobb Plumbing team after high school. After a year and a half, Matt leaves the business to pursue a degree in multimedia at the Art Institute of Dallas.


Cobb Plumbing receives an award from The Star Group and was named the Best Plumber in Johnson County as voted on by residents from Burleson, Joshua and Crowley.