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Bill Cobb & Sons Plumbing wants you to have the absolute best experience possible when calling a plumber. We know that calling a plumber usually means your day isn't going as planned. That’s why we want to be an advocate for you. Many service companies look at each job as just another opportunity for more profit. At Cobb Plumbing, we try to make each call an opportunity to gain a lifelong customer. We have always aimed to do the best work we can, at a reasonable price. We know that overcharging might be a good way to make money in the short term, but you don’t stay in business for over 40 years unless you are committed to quality workmanship and long term customer service. Click on any of the titles below to see a short video, or look in our Media section to find all kinds of useful information.

Getting Ready for Summer

Texas summers come with a host of problems for homeowners. Watch our video to learn some simple steps you can take to protect your home's plumbing in these high temperatures and dry conditions.

Since 1970

Hear what long-time customer Steve Beauchamp thinks about Cobb Plumbing, and find out about the level of service that all our customers receive.

Best of the Best

In 2009 The Star Group (a Johnson County newspaper consortium) asked Burleson, Joshua and Crowley residents to name the "Best Plumber in Johnson County". Here's what Owner and Operator Mike Cobb has to say about it.

Time for a new faucet?

Before you purchase a new fixture for your bathroom or kitchen, there are some important factors to consider. Watch this short video to help ensure you're getting the right product to fix your needs.